Coffee Paints

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Coffee. For all its marvellous energising qualities and rich flavours, it’s not got a lot going on in the colour department. Gone are the days of black and white brews - we’ve added a splash of colour to your morning pick me up. 

Coffee Paints are the latest marvellous creation to be hatched from laboratoire Firebox. This charming little box contains four different edible ‘paints’ to brighten and colour your java. Take your pick from Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, and Sapphire - each one more vibrant than the last. 

They’re simple to use, too. Just stir a pinch of your chosen powder into milk and steam it. The more powder you add, the brighter the colour. Don’t go toomad, a little goes a long way with these. Top an espresso with the steamed milk and you’ve got yourself a truly dazzling latte. 

You may have never coloured your coffee before, but you won’t want to go back to black after trying this little kit out. 

How to make a colourful cappuccino:

  • 1. Stir approx. 1 tea spoon Coffee Paint into cold milk.
  • 2. Steam the milk (if you’re fancy) or heat the milk in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes on high (just make sure it doesn't burn!)
  • 3. Take the cup out and stir to make sure the milk and dye is properly mixed.
  • 4. Stir the milk with a whisk to create foam (use a large cup or a bowl so you have enough space to whisk properly).
  • 5. Pour the dyed milk on top of an espresso or your regular sh*tty instant coffee and you've got yourself a beautiful colourful cappuccino!

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